SS is our SABWiL Shadowing


A law student, a graduate or aspirant legal practitioner is placed for three days with a legal practitioner.  This facilitates consciousness of legal practice so that learners can make informed decisions for their future legal path and understand the value of their contributions to Lady Justice’s reign.


Advocates and attorneys volunteer many hours to the SS programme to shape our future legal landscape one student at a time.  Photographic moments capturing the SS are available on our various social media platforms.


Our SABWIL Human Rights Court SHRC


This is a moot court that sits annually in the second week of December to commemorate the signing of the Constitution of the Republic into law by Tata Madiba on 10 Dec 1996 in Sharpeville.  Our 2016 SHRC presided over by SHRC Chief Justice Adv. Lindi Nkosi-Thomas SC heard a case on defamation, social media and rape.  The 2017 SHRC presides over section 25 land compensation upon expropriation.


The hearings are available on SABWiL YouTube channel for the benefit of all aspirant legal practitioners and the public.


The SHRC is about legal practitioners forging ties with law students and aspirant counsel for the benefit of Lady Justice.  There is no better learning ground for future litigation specialists than in a simulated court. Further, we raise consciousness on human rights issues in order to ensure our Constitution is accessible and living.


Other initiatives


  • We run various publications including a First-Time Buyer Series to facilitate the purchase of immovable property
  • IT & Evidence workshops
  • Financial Literacy MaestroClass
  • Legal critical thinking workshops


We attend events to deliver addresses when invited to do so eg  Univ. of Pretoria, Wits, UNISA, University of Limpopo.  We also preside as Moot Court Justices upon invitation. Additionally, we participate in the media and have been captured in film documentaries for national television.


We are strongly governed by our Ethos and apply a unique training method designed by SABWiL. We constantly seek to improve our teaching techniques for the betterment of our learners and society at large.


Learners who successfully conclude our SS and SHRC programmes are endorsed as SABWiL Alumni.


Watch this space for the fruition of programmes that are still in the design phase.