Out of a mountain of despair, is a stone of hope

Many of us will be dealt the wrong cards in life. It is therefore up to us to reshuffle our decks accordingly if we indeed want a better outcome. We need to think, dream and dare because the world will be as big and successful as we think. There are no barriers or obstacles to… Read More »

The best is yet to be

I was born and bred in Elandskop, a deep rural area in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal. I was raised in a homely environment, which included going to school and tending to my grandfather’s cattle. Life in the rural areas seemed to be motionless. However, it was possible for one to dream their way out and it is… Read More »


I was born and raised in the dusty streets of Alexandra, an environment ravaged by the scourge of unemployment, poverty, crime, teenage pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse. I was raised in a single parent household with an unstable income that could only cater to our barest necessities. Subsequent to matriculating in 2013, I opted for… Read More »

God is still writing your story, quit stealing the pen

Born and raised in the multicultural streets of Attridgeville Township in Pretoria, I experienced how tough life was during the struggle for liberation. Socio-economic inequality was rife and opportunities looked bleak for people of colour. However, I did not allow these adversities to limit my potential or curb the opportunities that came my way as… Read More »

Desire backed by faith knows no such word as impossible

I matriculated in the year 2014 in Louis Trichardt, Limpopo and subsequently re-enrolled for the second time in 2015 in Gauteng to improve my grades. In so far as what to study thereafter, I was undecided. My options at that time were Environmental Science and Accountancy.   In 2016, I worked as a sales representative… Read More »


I am Prudence Mathe, a young resilient South African Black Woman in Law. I was born and raised in the dusty streets of Mamelodi, Pretoria, a characterful environment which contributed immensely to the way I perceive life. I grew up understanding the struggles faced by African people- women, to be exact.   Inasmuch as the… Read More »


The year was 2013 and I had just completed my 12th grade without a clue of what to do the following year. My Life Orientation teacher had suggested that I should consider volunteering at a local law firm. This was because I once mentioned law as a possible career.   Although doubtful, I approached a… Read More »


Pursuing a career as a lawyer is but for me a lifelong dream. One which comes with so much freedom to speak up and be heard. One which would enable me to fight against injustice and be relentless in all my pursuits of speaking fearlessly with no restraint for those in need of such representation.… Read More »