About Us

SABWiL NPC is a public interest and non-profit company focused on legal education bearing registration numbers 2017/395281/08


Igama lamakhosikazi malibongwe! And let the name of women be praised!


On 14 February 2016 the South African Black Women in Law SABWiL consciousness movement was born. SABWiL was birthed by Adv. Ayesha Tiry who founded the movement on the ideology of dignity, equality and freedom. She best describes SABWiL as:


A consciousness movement that celebrates South Africa, Blacks, Women and Law, founded on dignity, equality, and freedom-infused in the philosophies of Ubuntu and Zenzele.”


SABWiL specifically lauds the doctrine of Ubuntu: I am because you are, together with the concept of Zenzele: which aims to uplift people to take the power and do it for themselves. SABWiL holds the notion that the way we are able to truly transform, especially in the legal landscape, is through consciousness. Consciousness leads to opportunities, which is the gateway to equality, dignity, and freedom.  SABWiL thrives on the equation: CONSCIOUSNESS = OPPORTUNITIES = FREEDOM, EQUALITY AND DIGNITY (founding values).Consciousness is the starting point for these values. Through the SABWiL equation, transformation can be realized.


SABWiL has made it her obligation to actualize the founding values. She is considered as one of the ways in which the Constitution is given a voice, and brings the Constitution to the ground, making it real and practical. The various ways in which SABWiL has achieved this is by formulating different programs such as:

  • The SABWiL Human Rights Court SHRC, which has been able to actualize Human Rights issues and create consciousness around varying topics. The inaugural court sitting was on 14 December 2016 and presided over by SHRC Chief Justice Adv. Lindi Nkosi-Thomas SC. The case focused on the alleged rape, social media, and defamation and was litigated upon by aspiring legal practitioners who had an opportunity to experience advocacy training first hand.
  • SABWiL Shadowing, a program where a law student shadows a practicing attorney or advocate for three days in order to gain insight on the nature of the practice of law.
  • SABWiL in association with KPMG hosted various T.A.R (Technology Assisted Review) interactive workshops, which were attended by practicing advocates and law students to ensure that they are better equipped in dealing with electronic evidence in our courts.
  • SABWiL continues to actualize the Constitution through social media by creating a platform that is accessible to the public. She is an international consciousness movement that broadcasts content values of the Constitution.
  • SABWiL has also identified a gap on the topic of financial literacy and as a result, she came together with Standard Bank to host a Financial Literacy Maestro Class that aims to empower our members on financial literacy, moreover, wealth creation.  In light of the doctrine of Ubuntu: I am because you are, SABWiL believes that if we are financially equipped, we are able to utilize our resources to better transform the legal landscape.


Of all that SABWiL has achieved, she comes across as a consciousness movement that is only getting started. She continues to contribute to the changing landscape of our country so that we all have equal opportunity. Undoubtedly, the future of SABWiL is forged in the hearts of those who contribute to and through her.


The consciousness of dignity, equality, and freedom has spurred movement in those who are like-minded such as those in the corporate world, as well as those in the advocacy and attorney’s profession.   SABWiL will forever be a reflection of CONSCIOUSNESS = OPPORTUNITIES= EQUALITY, DIGNITY AND FREEDOM.


SABWiL encourages those who are interested in participating in the movement to reach out through our various social media platforms.