Desire backed by faith knows no such word as impossible

By | 18 May 2020

I matriculated in the year 2014 in Louis Trichardt, Limpopo and subsequently re-enrolled for the second time in 2015 in Gauteng to improve my grades. In so far as what to study thereafter, I was undecided. My options at that time were Environmental Science and Accountancy.


In 2016, I worked as a sales representative at Credico, a sales marketing company in Pretoria. At the time, my sister was studying law. I began to read some of her first-year books in order to gain a glimpse of what law entails. As I immersed myself in her legal studies material, my desire, passion and interest, together with the love to study law grew each day until I decided to apply at the University of South Africa (UNISA).I was fortunate as my application was successful. Post my acceptance, I joined UNISA’s academic Facebook groups. I sought relevant information and advice from registered students regarding possible modules and combinations for enrolment. As soon as I acquired the necessary information, I started to study textbooks linked to modules for which I intended to register. Consequently, I covered a lot of content before formal registration commenced in January 2017.


In 2018, my second year as a law student, I endeavoured to expose myself to practical legal learning. I achieved this task by attending legal programmes at campus such as the Annual UNISA Law Indaba Debate and UNISA Street Law. That was until I received exposure to South African Black Women in Law – SABWiL consciousness movement. I later shadowed our luminary, Advocate Ryan Kay, together with Alumna Nonkululeko Shordries. SABWiL Shadowing was my first encounter with practical legal education in a work environment. This experience effectively marked the foundation of my practical legal learning. The desire to learn more encouraged me to take a further step towards applying for vacation work at various law firms. All of this was guided by the SABWiL principle of “luck also known as success = opportunity + preparation” and the spirit of Vuk’zenzele which became part of my journey, until the present day.


I am in my final year of studies. I currently serve as the Treasurer-General of this prestigious movement. What kept me going thus far are the words by Napoleon Hill – Think & Grow Rich, “The starting point of all achievements is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as small fire makes small amount of heat.” This to me means that in any task I set out to do, both personally and academically, I will always receive results that are directly proportional to the efforts I made.


In conclusion, each one of us can fulfil our dreams despite the challenges and setbacks we may face. We need to work smarter and harder for a breakthrough in everything.


In the spirit of Batho Pele, infused with Ubuntu, it is of paramount importance that our members continue to adhere to the regulations that are put in place, to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and save lives.


Ndisha Godoni
SABWiL Alumni NEC (Treasurer-General)

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