SABWiL Times Issue 4

By | 20th October 2019

Salutations Luminaries, Comrades and Friends


It is a delight to once more soar above the battlefields and cast a heavenly view over the terrain where we draw swords towards the actualisation of Dignity, Equality and Freedoms. This month, global Mental Health Day came and went, quiet as the night, barely traversing the legal landscape. There are diamonds that light the way. Hereunder, are some October sparkles. If refreshing in an oasis beckons, read on.


Basadi Ba Molao mentorship workshop


SABWiL Luminary Adv. Anthea Platt SC, who in 2017 led our SABWiL Human Rights Court (SHRC) passing judgment on compensation for expropriation in land disputes as our #s25 SHRC Chief Justice (CJ),hosted the Basadi Ba Moloa leadership day as the founder thereof.


SABWiL was represented at this mentorship workshop by SABWiL Founder, CEO, Adv. Ayesha Tiry. SABWiL Alumna Pupil- Adv. Malebo Matome attended as an emissary for Woza. Halala Woza for calling upon our Alumni to serve as your delegate. SABWiL joins arms with Woza and Basadi Ba Molao in support of those ideals and objectives which infuse constitutional values in our legal landscapes.


Upon endorsement by our Alumni NEC, we perchance may be privy to highlights of this occasion penned by Alumna Adv. Malebo, who joined our fold after submissions on freedom of expression rights as lead counsel in our 2016 inaugural SHRC led by #s16 SHRC CJ Adv. Lindi Nkosi-Thomas SC. Our SABWiL NPC Board also enjoys Adv. Nkosi-Thomas SC at the helm as our Chair. We thank Basadi Ba Molao for including SABWiL in vital dialogue. Halala! We rejoice now that Alumna Adv. Malebo passed the advocacy training examinations and heartily welcome her into legal practice. Igama lamakhosikazi malibongwe.


SABWiL Hogan Lovells Clinics


Alumna Nonhlanhla Masuku serves in media law matters at the Dobsonville Clinic whilst Alumnus Ndisha Godoni adds value about the Sexual Offences Act in the Eldorado Park Clinic, led by Luminary Attorney Candice Pillay. We laud Luminary Adv. Ryan Kay who led Alumnus Ndisha in our May 2018 SABWiL Shadowing (#SS) programme at the Gauteng Local Division, so paving Ndisha’s access into our fold. We celebrate Alumna Nonhlanhla’s passage into our movement as she successfully SABWiL Shadows Luminary Adv. Boitumelo Molojoa in our April 2018 #SS programme.


In December 2018 Alumna Nonhlanhla tackled section 29, right to education, issues in our SHRC led by SHRC CJ Adv. Liza Tsatsi SC, SHRC Deputy CJ Adv. Tiny Seboko and SHRC Justice Attorney Abigail Ronald-Louw. The Respondents, for whom Alumna Nonhlanhla acted, submitted that the funding of sanitary pads cannot to be part of the policies for education and falls within the health budget, to pass constitutional muster. For more, do peruse the case scenario and heads of argument filed in this suit which is accessible at A record of the SHRC proceedings is published on our SABWiL YouTube Channel. The majority and dissenting judgments flowing from the submissions are interesting indeed. Wathint’abafazi wathint’imbokodo.


Halala SABWiL Luminaries Adv. Tsatsi SC, Adv. Tiny Seboko, Attorney Ronald-Louw, Adv. Ryan Kay, Adv. Boitumelo Molojoa and countless others for instilling vital values in our Alumni. Today, these Alumni serve society and continue their evolution in the Luminary light of seasoned Attorney Candice Pillay. We are delighted at our Alumni excellence and laud our Luminaries.



Speed Date Mentoring

Halala! Our Women in Law Univ. of Pretoria aspirant lawyers are commended for this sterling initiative of speed dates in law. Learning this way is personalised and such fun.


SABWiL Founder, CEO Adv. Ayesha was welcomed by the Univ. of Pretoria Women in Law leadership as one of the erudite mentors present in order to impart knowledge and experience through speed legal dating. This inaugural event is deeply infused in Zenzele and Ubuntu. It is driven by a thirst to surpass excellence. Vuk’uzenzele.


May this be the first of many such dates in law. SABWiL wishes the University of Pretoria Women in Law every success in actualising Dignity, Equality and Freedoms and stands tall beside our youth in law in the fight for equal opportunity. Well done aspirant lawyers Molatelo Tlowana, MG Maphakela and all our clever aspirant lawyers who worked towards this momentous occasion. Siyaphambile!


We thank our Passionate Intelligentsia for invaluable contributions to our movement. We are the change. Now.


Adv. Ayesha and President Madillo
SABWiL Founder, CEO and Alumni President

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