SABWiL Times Issue 3

By | 6th October 2019

Salutations Luminaries, Comrades and Friends


Once again at the close of Heritage Month we reflect, account and measure our progress towards actualising Dignity, Equality and Freedoms. We invite you into moments with us through the pictorials attached hereto.


#SS24 SABWiL Shadowing


This SABWiL Shadowing programme we have been refining since its inception in 2016. We recall with deep gratitude how our #SS pioneer, Luminary Adv. Teresa Engelbrecht, with passionate intelligence established the first footprints of SABWiL Shadowing in #SS1 with Alumna Lolo Tshehla.


Three years later #SS24 moves our legal landscape. In 2017 SABWiL Alumnus Boitumelo Sekgala achieved membership into our movement through sterling advocacy led by our #s25 SHRC Chief Justice Adv. Gcina Malindi SC. True to form Alumnus Boitumelo yet again stars in SABWiL Shadowing. In celebration of Heritage month, Attorney Notary Brett Thomson leads Alumnus Boitumelo into practice. We applaud Luminary Attorney Notary Thomson for his service in developing tomorrow’s legal practitioners. We welcome him as our Luminary. Undoubtedly Alumnus Boitumelo is enriched at this phenomenal experience at BBM Law in the SABWiL Shadow of Luminary Attorney Notary Brett Thomson.


SABWiL Hogan Lovells Kagiso Clinics


Luminary Attorney Candice Pillay leads the Kagiso Wills Clinic with the aid of Alumna Prudence Mathe, Alumna Regine Moagi and aspirant lawyer Clement Mabasa.


Alumna Regine pioneered our Clinic. A time ago she earned her membership into our movement by SABWiL Shadowing our Luminary Adv. Tiny Seboko. Alumna Prudence, who accessed our fold by SABWiL Shadowing Luminary Adv. James Magodi successfully, serves joyously too. Adv. Liza Tsatsi SC served as our #s29 SHRC Chief Justice in 2018 when Alumnus Prudence argued about whether the provision of sanitary pads was lawfully excluded from the education budget. We thank Luminary Advocates Tsatsi SC, Seboko and Magodi for instilling critical values in our Alumni. Today these Alumni serve society and continue their evolution in the Luminary light of seasoned Attorney Candice Pillay, a partner at Hogan Lovells. We are delighted at our Alumni excellence and laud our Luminaries. Ubuntu.


SABWiL SLS Critical Legal Thinking Workshop


The SABWiL SLS Critical Legal Thinking workshop is received with enthusiasm by those legal practitioners and aspirant lawyers who joined us for the day. Halala Expert Jimmy Kyriacou for such provocative pearls and sparkling diamonds. Welcome to our Luminary fold.


SABWiL Alumna Pupil-Adv. Malebo Matome starred by sharing her journey to advocacy. Alumna Adv. Matome achieved alumni conferment bedazzling us with freedom of expression submissions in our 2016 SHRC led by #s16 SHRC Chief Justice Adv. Lindi Nkosi-Thomas SC.


We are inspired by Alumnus Boitumelo Sekgala who co-founded the Student Litigation Society (SLS) in 2018. Alumnus Boitumelo delights as a junior counsel in our 2017 SHRC led by SHRC CJ Adv. Malindi SC. Soon thereafter SLS is birthed. Dare we say we played a hand? We applaud SLS Prosper, Kagiso, Cleo, our Alumni NEC and the many others for sterling pearls embedded in prose gifted to us this fun day. Vuk’uzenzele.


We thank our Passionate Intelligentsia. Without giving hearts, we are but nought. Siyaphambile!


Adv. Ayesha and President Madillo
SABWiL Founder, CEO and Alumni President

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